World Premiere

USA | 83 MINUTES | English |


Aspiring actor John (Paul Rudd) and would-be screenwriter Elliot (Patton Oswalt) are two LA dudes approaching their 30th birthdays without yet becoming the megawatt superstars they know they were meant to be. In a town built on who you know (and who knows you), the ambitious duo will set out on an all-day journey through their all-star rolodexes to make it big by the end of the night.

The first feature from animation house Titmouse, Inc. whose brainchildren include Metalocalypse, Moonbeam City and Superjail!, Nerdland is a hallucinatory Hollywood road trip told in an appropriately bold and distinctive animation style. Featuring an army of comedy cameos including Hannibal Burress, Larraine Newman, Mike Judge, Kate Micucci & Riki Lindhome, Venture Brothers’ Jackson Publick, Molly Shannon, Charlene Yi, and Paul Scheer, this is an R-rated cartoon comedy about celebrity, excess, and two showbiz nobodies with a plan to become famous—or even infamous—no matter what...

—Cara Cusumano


Directed by Chris Prynoski

In 2004, Prynoski founded the animation studio Titmouse Inc. where he directs and produces projects like Metalocalypse, China, IL and his own creation Motorcity for Disney XD. He is currently Executive Producing a number of shows including Turbo: F.A.S.T. for DreamWorks.
Chris Prynoski
Andrew Kevin Walker
Gavin Polone
Executive Producer
Chris Prynoski, Shannon Barrett Prynoski, Kat Landsberg
Ben Kalina
Production Design
Antonio Canobbio
Paul Rudd, Patton Oswalt, Hannibal Buress, Riki Lindhome, Kate Micucci, Mike Judge, Reid Scott


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