Nothing Compares
New York Premiere

Nothing Compares

Spotlight Documentary
Feature | Ireland, UK | 97 MINUTES | English | English CLOSED CAPTIONS
Documentary, Music

With Sinéad O’Connor’s name, two images may come to mind: an androgynous, ultra-cool buzzed head in a black turtleneck, and a ripped-up photograph of Pope John Paul II. Director Kathryn Ferguson’s documentary Nothing Compares is an excellent primer on the captivating Irish singer’s brief moment of skyrocketing fame and politically-targeted plummet, which goes far further than just aesthetics or controversy to take a dedicated look at the origins of a fascinating, outspoken voice. Through poetic recreation, sharp-tongued archival interviews, and indelible moments of culture-making, Ferguson paints a fascinating portrait of a woman whose freedom was found through her own music. 

Narrated by O’Connor, as well as her friends, colleagues, and admirers, the documentary cements O’Connor as a protest singer more than a pop star and reveals a persona that invites newer audiences to celebrate her activism alongside her one-of-a-kind voice. In an era where our relationship to celebrity, especially young women in the spotlight, is facing a reckoning, Nothing Compares mounts a compelling argument for the reassessment of yet another intense, intensely interesting musician demonized far beyond the scope of her actions.--Shayna Maci Warner

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Kathryn Ferguson

Belfast-born Kathryn Ferguson is an award-winning director whose innovative and boundary-pushing documentary work has screened globally. After a decade of focusing on short-form work centred on identity, gender politics and community, she has recently completed her first feature documentary, Nothing Compares.

Kathryn Ferguson
Eleanor Emptage, Michael Mallie
Luke Jacobs
Irene Buckley, Linda Buckley
Mick Mahon
Executive Producer
Charlotte Cook, Lesley McKimm, Lucy Pullin, John Reynolds, Lisa Marie Russo

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