2020 Official Selection: Features

New York Premiere

FEATURE | Brazil | 120 MINUTES | Portuguese | English subtitles



Tati (Cassia Gil), is a 13-year-old living in a Brazilian favela. Her mother Andrea (Débora Nascimento) wants to escape with Tati but struggles due to her drug addiction. Her family and living situation changes abruptly when Jaca (Bukassa Kabengele), the former leader of the favela, is released from prison and returns. His presence creates tension between the community and the new leaders that have taken his place.

The film takes place during the Olympics in Brazil, when the country's police and government implemented an operation called pacification, aiming to quell violence in the favelas by sending armed police forces to these neighborhoods. What this policy created was a complex layer of violence that was mostly sustained by the criminalization of poverty. Pacified is the new film by American filmmaker Paxton Winters, produced by Darren Aronofsky. The film won the Golden Shell at the 2019 San Sebastian Film Festival.—Miriam Garcia

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Directed by Paxton Winters

Paxton Winter’s first documentary, Silk Road ala Turka, was made while traveling the Silk Road by camel caravan. His feature film debut, Crude, won Best Feature at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and the Special Jury Prize at Seattle International Film Festival. He’s shot news around the world, and he directed the final season of Turkish crime drama series Alacakaranlik.

Paxton Winters
Paula Linhares, Marcos Tellechea, Darren Aronofsky, Lisa Muskat, Paxton Winters
Paxton Winters
Laura Merians
Aylin Tinel
Beto Villares
Executive Producer
Guilherme Somlo, Noberto Pinheiro Jr, Giovanna Refatti, Fernando Loureiro, Giovana Arede
Associate Producer
Ricardo Montanha, Joseph Carter, Wellington Magalhães, Luiz Tellechea
20th Century Fox, Reagent Media
Bukasa Kabengele, Cassia Nascimento, Debora Nascimento, José Loreto, Raphael Logam, Lea Garcia