The Phantom
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The Phantom

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Feature | United States | 82 MINUTES | English
Documentary, Thriller, Journalism

On a cold February night in 1983, Wanda Lopez was stabbed to death while she worked at a Corpus Christi Texas gas station. 21 year old Carlos DeLuna was arrested, and over the next six years, through his trial and subsequent imprisonment he protested his innocence, declaring that it was another Carlos who committed the crime. The prosecution insisted that this other Carlos was a “phantom’ and didn’t exist. 

Through illuminating interviews with witnesses, Carlos DeLuna's family members, and legal experts the film asks, for the first time since 1983, if the judicial system executed an innocent man, examining key evidence that calls into question whether or not Carlos DeLuna was right about the other Carlos. Was he a phantom after all, or was he a brutal killer, and did a poor Hispanic young man have any chance within a justice system and a society that by its actions seemed to regard him as disposable? —Deborah Rudolph

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Patrick Forbes

Patrick Forbes is one of the UK’s top documentary directors. His film Wikileaks: Secrets and Lies premiered at SXSW to critical acclaim. He made a series of films chronicling Russian oligarchs, Haiti, the Police, and Brexit.

Patrick Forbes
Mark Bentley
Patrick Forbes
Tim Cragg
Claire Ferguson, Gregor Lyon
Rob Manning
Executive Producer
Orlando Von Einsiedel
Director of Photography
Tim Cragg

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