North American Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 72 MINUTES | English, German | English subtitles


Experimental, LGBTQIA+

The ghosts of barflies’ past haunt Playland, “a transdisciplinary work of queer bricolage” by filmmaker Georden West. The film takes place inside the empty husk of the Playland Café, Boston’s oldest and most notorious gay hangout space. The cafe shut down in the late ‘90s, but West stages one last bawdy night on the town for the generations of drag queens, disco DJs, leatherdykes, and sissies who made Playland their home, creating an atemporal zone where queer ancestors can come out to play.

Featuring storylines set in 1943, 1965, 1977, and 1992, Playland takes a multimedia approach to storytelling. The film combines archival audio and home video footage with artistically realized vignettes that combine refined aesthetics and bold stylization. (There’s a floor show as well, of course.) At turns wistful, joyful, and brimming with righteous anger, Playland embraces the criminal queerness of the past, paying tribute to groundbreaking gay elders and creating a nostalgic fantasia of an era that had its beauty as well as its black eyes.––Casey Baron

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Fri June 09 - 5:15 PM
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Sat June 10 - 9:30 PM
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Fri June 16 - 6:30 PM
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Directed by Georden West

Georden West
Russell Sheaffer, Hannah McSwiggen, Danielle Cooper
Georden West
Jo Jo Lam
Georden West & Russell Sheaffer
Aaron Michael Smith
Executive Producer
Peter Luo, Nick Knight, Emily Ruhl & Zack Parker, Eric Chen, Shebbie Jacques, Eileen Amy Ryan, Nancy Xu
Associate Producer
Kate Gondwe, Mason Caminiti, Patti Moreno, Robert Patton-Spruill
Sarah Dhanens, Pierre Jean Gonzalez, Cedric Leiba Jr., Jerry Lambert, Aria Li, Yang Liu, Elenore Pan, Céline Zen, Caiqin Zhan
Danielle Cooper, Lady Bunny, Mason Caminiti, Aidan Dick, Constance Cooper, José Lapaz-Rodríguez, Miranda Quinn, Gatekeeper Adrian, Maine Anders, Kelly Mittendorf, Sprat


Press Contact
Russell Sheaffer
Artless Media LLC
San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: 7608224715
US Sales Contact
Miguel Angel Govea
Paris, 75011
Phone: +33 9 81 03 50 95