Ron Delsener Presents

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World Premiere

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New York, Music, Biography

Documentaries about figures of music history tend to focus on artists, but here, the subject is influential concert promoter Ron Delsener who worked with some of the biggest names in music over his decades-long career. Featuring a bevy of legends from Cher to Gene Simmons, Roger Daltrey,and Simon and Garfunkel, Ron Delsener Presents is a career retrospective stuffed with star power. 

Now well into his eighties, Delsener shows little sign of slowing down. At one point, the camera follows him as he ping-pongs across New York attending multiple concerts in one evening. His love for the work of putting on a show shines through as he drags the filmmakers through crowds and backstage so he can chat with artists and crew members. Interspersed with these present-day adventures are looks back on the highlights of Delsener’s career, reflecting his own intense nostalgia. It’s rare that a documentary so completely embodies the personality of its subject.––Cara Cusumano

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Directed by Jake Sumner

Jake Sumner
Jake Sumner, James A. Smith, Margaret Munzer Loeb
Luke Geissbühler
Money Mark
James Codoyannis, Paul Greenhouse, Damian Rodriguez
Executive Producer
Jon Kamen, Dave Sirulnick, Jon Doran, Zara Duffy, Robert Sager, Charles Stiefel, Todd Stiefel, Meryl Poster
Co-Executive Producers
Jerry Moss, Barry Rosenstein
Sean Donnelly
Archival Producers
Jessica Berman-Bogdan, Charlie Eckert
Music Supervisor
Randall Poster
Ron Delsener, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen


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