Rule of Two Walls
World Premiere

Rule of Two Walls

Documentary Competition
Feature | Ukraine | 76 MINUTES | English, Russian, Ukrainian | English subtitles
Documentary, Drama, Politics, Art, Journalism

Director David Gutnik (Materna, Tribeca 2020) returns to the Festival with a raw, atmospheric portrait of today’s Ukraine through the lens of the artists who have chosen to stay. The film’s subjects are Gutnik’s intimate collaborators in exploring what it means to navigate the jarring rhythms and surreal juxtapositions of life under the shadow of war. A young couple wakes to air raid sirens and has tea on their balcony. Neighborhoods lie in ruins, and the community comes together to sweep up broken glass and rubble. Scenes of utter devastation provoke insomnia and numbness — yet friends gather to relax in a bar, an art center pushes ahead with a new exhibition, and artists redouble their commitment to their craft.

While their lives are getting irreversibly altered, these subjects see their practice as a survival tool in a conflict aimed at cultural erasure as much as brute domination. The film beautifully documents how their work — as visual artists, musicians, street artists, performance artists, and filmmakers — both processes the moment and offers hope. Visceral, poetic, and urgent, Rule of Two Walls illuminates the vital role of cultural and spiritual defiance in times of crisis.––Robert Winn

Cast & Credits
Directed by
David Gutnik
David Gutnik
Olha Beskhmelnytsina, Sam Bisbee, Stacey Reiss
David Gutnik
Volodymyr Ivanov, David Gutnik
David Gutnik
Andrew Orkin
Executive Producer
Liev Schreiber, Jason Weinberg, Brett Etre, Lance Acord, Natalia Libet, Michelle Booso, Gil Elbaz
Mikhil Zakutsky
Sound Designer
Peter Albrechtsen
Lyana Mytsko, Stepan Burban, Bob Basset, Kinder Album, Bohdana Davydiuk, Diana Berg

Press Contact
Susan Norget Norget
Susan Norget Film Promotion
New York, 10010
Phone: 917-833-3056
Sales Agent
Amanda Lebow
Creative Artists Agency
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 424 288 2000
Sales Contact
Holly Stanton
CAA Media Finance
Century City, CA 90016
Phone: 4242882265
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