Searching for Amani
World Premiere

Searching for Amani

Feature | Kenya, United States | 80 MINUTES | English, Swahili | English subtitles
Documentary, Environmental, Nature, Journalism, Black & African American Diaspora Stories

In the heart of Kenya, a tragedy shatters a young boy's life. Simon Ali, 13, finds himself in a world of mystery when his father, a respected conservancy guide, is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Armed with his video camera and an unwavering desire for truth, Simon and his best friend Haron embark on a perilous journey to uncover the secrets behind his father's demise. 

As they delve deeper, they unravel a complex web of regional conflict, lingering shadows of imperialism, and the devastating impact of a global crisis hitting close to home. Searching for Amani follows Simon's transformative journey from a grief-stricken child to a determined young man, capturing the raw reality of his investigation through his own lens. This thought-provoking documentary confronts viewers with harsh truths, refusing to shy away from the difficult realities of our world, making for an impactful viewing experience that showcases the challenges faced by a young boy in his quest for answers.––Jarod Neece

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Nicole Gormley and Debra Aroko
Nicole Gormley, Debra Aroko
Peter Goetz, Mungai Kiroga, Nicole Gormley, Caryn Capotosto
Vickie Curtis, Debra Aroko, Peter Goetz
Campbell Brewer, Nicole Gormley, Simon Ali
Dave Fleming, Monica Sonand, David Naroth
Tessa Malsam, Davis Coombe, Chris Naum, Dave Wruck
Executive Producer
Geralyn Dreyfus, Paula Kahumbu, Randy Gebhardt, Chris Gebhardt, David and Linda Cornfield, Janet and Gottfried Tittiger, Peter Tittiger
Associate Producer
Christian Carvallo
Simon Ali
Consulting Producer
Judy Kibinge, Lucy Ali
Impact Producer
Debra Aroko, Laissa Malih
Simon Ali, Haron Lengus, Lucy Ali, Ken Ali, Faith Ali, Levis Ali

US Sales Contact
Jason Resnick
Vienna, 1070
Phone: +43 06 70 208 7881
International Sales Contact
Salma Abdalla
Autlook Filmsales
Vienna, 1070
Phone: +43 676 900 3771
Print Source
Nicole Gormley
Gromlet Productions
Venice, CA 90292
Phone: 917 344-9928
Press Contact
Arianne Rocchi
Culver City , CA 0230
Phone: 917 344 9928
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