The Secret Art of Human Flight

US Narrative Competition

World Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 107 MINUTES |



After the sudden and tragic loss of his wife, Ben (Grant Rosenmeyer) turns to a mysterious self-help book that will train him to learn how to fly. Or at least he hopes, as he turns his life upside down under the advisement of an eccentric spiritual guide (Paul Raci) who may very well be a con artist. Fending off his worried sister and an ambitious detective who is convinced he killed his wife, Ben risks it all to fly in an effort to get through his grief.

Writer-director H.P. Mendoza deftly walks the line between absurdity and the seriousness of loss and grief. This endearing story has the perfect dose of melancholy and poignancy with a ton of laughs. Raci, in particular, is a hilarious delight as a guide with a shady past. An altogether delightful, whimsical film and a great tale of grief and healing. ––Faridah Gbadamosi

The Secret Art of Human Flight will be preceded by the short Everybody Dies…Sometimes.

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Thu June 08 - 5:15 PM

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Tue June 13 - 6:15 PM

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Directed by H.P. Mendoza

H.P. Mendoza
Grant Rosenmeyer, Tina Carbone, Benjamin Wiessner
Jesse Orenshein
Grant Rosenmeyer, Paul Raci, Lucy DeVito, Nican Robinson, Reina Hardesty, Maggie Grace, Sendhil Ramamurthy


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