Somewhere Quiet

US Narrative Competition

World Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 98 MINUTES | English |


Horror, Thriller

Meg (Jennifer Kim) is trying to readjust to normal life after recently being involved in a heinous abduction. To recenter herself, she takes a trip to the woods by the coast in Cape Cod with her husband Scott (Kentucker Audley) to stay at his wealthy family’s countryside compound. An excursion like this offers the kind of peace that Meg deserves to regain her sense of normalcy — but those plans get swiftly disrupted when Scott’s upper-class cousin Madeline (Marin Ireland) arrives unannounced. Madeline’s insertion into their activities causes Meg’s recent traumatic memories to resurface through eerie hallucinations and nightmares. While Scott tries to attend to the emotionally fraught Meg, she begins to clash with Madeline’s aristocratic personality. The conflict brings out passive-aggressive behavior that makes Meg question her sanity while also coming to terms with the truth behind her kidnapping.


Filmmaker Olivia West Lloyd delivers an engrossing, unsettling thriller in her feature directorial debut. With ever-tightening unease and unrelenting tension, West Lloyd skillfully explores themes of perception and gaslighting with grounded but unpredictable performances by the three leads and a masterful sense of mood.––Jose Rodriguez

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Thu June 08 - 9:30 PM
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Wed June 14 - 5:30 PM
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Directed by Olivia West Lloyd

Olivia West Lloyd
Taylor Ava Shung, Emma Hannaway, Eamon Downey
Olivia West Lloyd
Conor Murphy
Sofi Marshall
Executive Producer
Mollye Asher, Mynette Louie, Derek Nguyen, Philip Erdoes, Steven H. Stodghill, David Kiger, Stephen Best, Andy Youmans
Ariel Marx
Sound Designer
Hunter Berk
Production Designer
Caity Birmingham
Jennifer Kim, Kentucker Audley, Marin Ireland, Micheál Neeson