World Premiere


Documentary Competition
Feature | United States | 89 MINUTES | Chinese, English
Art, Science Fiction, Technology

Inventor David Hanson is grappling with a lot. As the lead figure in perfecting and developing “Sophia” - the most realistic humanoid robot in the world - he persistently juggles his days between fielding questions & inquiries from investors and troubleshooting issues with his team. With his manic energy, Hanson travels to conferences and forums speaking in support of “Sophia” as a compassionate and socially-useful A.I., but his infectious ambition and optimism can only go so far. As David makes his case to shareholders, he also tries to be present for his wife, his son and his ailing mother - all while feeling the stark pressure of how others view “Sophia’s” capitalistic opportunities.

Directors Jon Kasbe (When Lambs Become Lions, Tribeca 2018) and Crystal Moselle (The Wolfpack, Tribeca 2015) craft an impressive character portrait not just of Hanson but of “Sophia” as well - her A.I. self gaining more personality and awareness as the narrative progresses. The editing and pacing at work here is swift and masterfully deliberate, and each verite scene is constructed and presented with great zeal and energy. With Sophia, Kasbe & Moselle deliver inspiring, kinetic and soulful storytelling: an uplifting film about what it means to be & feel human as well as a probing character study of a self-ascribed outcast pursuing a sense of connectedness.--Jose Rodriguez

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Jon Kasbe and Crystal Moselle

Crystal Moselle is an award-winning director best known for her breakout Sundance feature The Wolfpack, hit HBO series Betty, and Netflix's Untold: Caitlin Jenner. Jon Kasbe is an Emmy® winning Australian-Indian director and cinematographer. He is best known for 2018 feature When Lambs Become Lions, and Freeform's The Deep End.

Jon Kasbe, Crystal Moselle
Bits Sola, Jon Kasbe, Crystal Moselle, Sally Campbell, Tim Nash
Written by
Daniel Koehler
Director of Photography
Jon Kasbe
Daniel Koehler, Enat Sidi, Jon Kasbe
Original Music by
West Dylan Thordson
Daniel Koehler, Enat Sidi, Jon Kasbe
Executive Producer
Vinnie Malhotra, Dan Cogan, Jenny Raskin
Post Co-Producer
Isabela de Campos
David Hanson

US Sales Contact
Courtney Miller
West Hollywood, 90046
Phone: 310-234-5350
International Sales Contact
Lauren Marriott
Viacom International Media Networks
Press Contact
Charlie Olsky
Cinetic Marketing
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 9175457260
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