The Turning Forest


World Premiere

U.K., Australia | 0 MINUTES | English |


In a land that never was and a time that could never be, a boy stared into the eyes of a fantastical creature. Around them, a magical forest; in front of them, a magical journey. The Turning Forest is a real-time CG VR experience for people young and old— inviting audiences into a magical space of imagination, where rustling leaves are also the footsteps of something familiar, yet strange. In this place things are not quite what they seem. Oscar Raby has created a beautiful and artful way of working in VR that has deservedly brought him many accolades internationally.
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Directed by Oscar Raby

Director Oscar Raby is an award-winning multimedia artist. His work has ranged from feature documentary to installation and live performance. Oscar’s interest is in using interactive media to create works that explore the relationship between the individual experience and larger historical narratives.
Oscar Raby
Shelley Silas
Katy Morrison
Wunmi Mosaku, Graeme Hawley, Isaac Whitmore
Executive Producer
Zillah Watson
3D Sound Lead
Chris Pike
Binaural Sound Mix
Tom Parnell
Sound Design
Eloise Whitmore
Original Music
Jon Nicholls
3D Sound Production
BBC Research and Development Audio Team/S3A
3D Artists and Unity Developers
Kalonica Quigley, Richard Taylor, Brad Hammond, Josh Bradbury, Ole Alfheim, Barnaby Reilly Williams
Concept Artist
James Gilleard


Project Contact
Zillah Watson
BBC Research and Development
London, NW1 2FD
Project Contact
Katy Morrison
Brunswick East, 3057
Phone: +61 46 888 1252
Press Contact
David Turnbull
London, NW1 2FD