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World Premiere

United States | 15 MINUTES


Documentary, Journalism

Say their names. Know their stories. Visit the Un(re)solved installation and use augmented reality to bring civil rights era murders, often racist killings, out of the shadows of the past. Un(re)solved has an accompanying WebGL immersive 3D experience for at-home audiences that will be available on the Tribeca Festival website. Outdoor location to be announced. 

*Part of the Juneteenth programming

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Fri June 11 - 10:00 AM

Experience the physical installation located at The Netherlands Monument in Battery Park. This interactive augmented reality experience is open June 10th-19th. – 11am-10:30pm Download the app prior to your visit HERE

In addition to the physical installation, the Un(re)solved webXR Experience is available to view online! HERE

Part of the Juneteenth programming. Sponsored by:


Project Creator
Tamara Shogaolu
Key Collaborators
FRONTLINE, Ado Ato Pictures, StoryCorps, Hudson Scenic, Northeastern University’s Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, Black Public Media
Michelle Mizner, Collyn Stephens, Marcela Stolzmann, Riyad Alnwili
Executive Producers
Raney Aronson-Rath, Dawn Porter
Creative Director
Tamara Shogaolu
Dan Nolan
Anthony DeLorenzo, Vitaliy Malishchuk, Dennis Pavlov
Anthony DeLorenzo
Senior Producer
Carla Borrás
James Edwards, Ben Greenberg, Ko Bragg, Shantal Riley, Zoe Todd, Katie Worth
Senior Editor
Sarah Childress, Lauren Prestileo, Andrew Metz
Senior Editors
Sarah Childress, Lauren Prestileo, Andrew Metz


Press Contact
Matthew Celestial
Statement Strategies Ltd.
Phone: 289 387 0917