Venus as a Boy

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FEATURE | United States | 104 MINUTES | English |


Experimental, Drama, Romance, Art

Hunter (Ty Hodges) is a talented yet struggling artist nursing a broken heart and battling his addiction demons when he meets Ruby (Olivia Culpo), a bold and beautiful Insta-famous fashionista, visiting LA for the weekend. Against the backdrop of arty-gritty Venice Beach, a sexy romance flourishes. Transporting the love affair to Ruby’s upscale, downtown New York City art scene proves trickier than either had bargained for, however, and Hunter chafes against the narrow-minded expectations of what his art should be. As the glaring disparities of their respective realities come into focus, the edges of the relationship begin to fray.

Triple-threat director, writer and actor Ty Hodges infuses his film with the edgy hipness of his musical alter-ego British Brooklyn, while simultaneously shining a light on the subtle yet pervasive pigeon-holing of Black creativity into tired stereotypes. Buoyed by a dynamic soundtrack, this tale of ill-fated love and the idiosyncrasies of the art world are handled here with nuance and high style. —Karen McMullen

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Directed by Ty Hodges

Venus as a Boy is Ty Hodges’s seventh feature film. Since writing and directing his debut feature film Miles from Home in 2006, he directed several other features, including You, Me & the Circus, Video Girl, Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah, and A Girl like Grace.

Ty Hodges
Ty Hodges, Gian Franco, Roya Rastegar, Sanjay M. Sharma
Ty Hodges
Adrian M. Pruett
Samuel Means
Tero Golden
Executive Producer
LaSean Smith, Gian Franco, Lauren Packard, Jeffrey G. Packard, Olufemi Kalejaiye, Melissa Daniels, DeAnna Gravillis
Associate Producer
Kseniya Yorsh, Brennan Sim. Jon Onyiriuka, Timothy Harvey, Neil Vacchiano
Daniel Cuervo, David Krinsky, Tim Astor
Ty Hodges, Olivia Culpo, Trace Lysette, Bai Ling, Estelle, Gilles Marini, Daniel Bonjour, Stacy Barthe


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