Your Fat Friend

Spotlight Documentary

World Premiere

FEATURE | United States, UK | 96 MINUTES | English |


Women, Documentary, LGBTQIA+, Biography

In February 2016, an anonymous blogger known as @yrfatfriend penned a post entitled “A Request From Your Fat Friend: What I Need When We Talk About Bodies” that discussed the realities of what it’s like to go through life as a self-described “very fat person” with candor and vulnerability. The piece struck a chord and quickly went viral. For the next five years, “Your Fat Friend” published numerous popular essays addressing society’s obsession with fatphobia and aggressive anti-fatness. When the writer, Aubrey Gordon, publishes her first book, she boldly decides to shed her anonymity and enter the public spotlight to face her supporters, trolls, and critics for the first time.

Filmmaker Jeanie Finlay (Seahorse, Orion: The Man Who Would Be King) returns to Tribeca with this incisive, funny, and frank portrait of bestselling author Aubrey Gordon, whose advocacy work has made an immense impact on how people view and treat fat people. Aubrey is intelligent, articulate, open, and wry, and her unique voice and point of view drive this engaging film, which challenges you to see fatness through a different lens.––Andrea Passafiume

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Thu June 08 - 8:15 PM
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Directed by Jeanie Finlay

Jeanie Finlay
Jeanie Finlay and Suzanne Alizart
Jeanie Finlay
Stewart Skylar Copeland, Jeanie Finlay, Lindsay Trapnell, Michel Palmieri, Donal Mosher, Aubrey Gordon
Alice Powell
Tara Creme
Executive Producer
Charlotte Cook, Sandra Whipham, Shanida Scotland
Mental Health Supervisor
Rebecca Day
Sound Re-recording Mixer
Pip Norton
Music Supervisor
Graham Langley
Motion Graphics
Sol Baish
Vicki Matich
Aubrey Gordon, Michael Hobbes, Aubrey's parents Rusty and Pam


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