Good news for yet another 2015 Tribeca Film Festival selection!

Showtime Networks Inc. has acquired the rights to writer-director Andrea Nevins's football documentary Play it Forward, which premiered at the Opening Gala during the 2015 Festival.

Executive produced by football legend Michael Strahan, the film tells a sad, sweet, and inspiring story of sports dreams and family bonds, centered around the family of beloved NFL Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, and his brother/best friend, Chris, whose similar dreams of football stardom were dashed by injury. Check out the trailer above!

"I’m so appreciative of Tony and his family who were open and honest in what proved to be such an emotional series of events we bore witness to," says Nevins. "We’re so excited to share the Gonzalez family’s very human story of dreams deferred, loss and ultimately triumph.”

Stay tuned.