I don't know about you, but I'm still buzzing after that incredibly inspiration film, Keep On Keepin' On, and the Clark Terry tribute concert. The documentary from Director Alan Hicks and Executive Producer Quincy Jones (both students of Clark Terry) chronicles the jazz trumpeter's mentoring of Justin Kaulflin, a blind piano prodigy. Keep On Keepin' On is a gorgeous portrait of Terry's lasting legacy in the music world. "We just wanted to premiere in New York!" quipped first-time director Alan Hicks. 

Screenwriter Davis Coombe, director Alan Hicks, cinematographer Adam Hart, pianist Justin Kauflin, Gwen Terry, Quincy Jones and producer Paula DuPre' Pesmen

So naturally, the world premiere brought out some of Clark Terry's dearest friends. Here are some great lines from the premiere and concert. 

10. "There are some guys that are vicious, uptight and evil...and they sound vicious, uptight and evil!" — Clark Terry, Keep On Keepin' On

9. "Your mind is a positive asset. Use it for positive thoughts."—Clark Terry, Keep On Keepin' On

8. "You can't do it the easy way. You have to do it the right way." — Clark Terry, Keep On Keepin' On

7. "Baby, I've got something special for you."—Quincy Jones to TFF Co-Founder Jane Rosenthal (as recounted by Rosenthal in the intro to the evening). Clark Terry and Quincy Jones met when Q was only 12 years old. Later, Terry played with Quincy Jones and His Orchestra. 

6. "I've never seen so much truth in one film in my life." —Quincy Jones' reaction to watching Keep On Keepin' On

The legendary Herbie Hancock 

5. "He found the greatest pleasure in finding a group of little tough guys in Harlem and keeping them off the streets." —Gwen Terry, Clark Terry's wife on her husband's passion during the Q & A. 

4. "I saw his talent and I was overwhelmed. And he could give good kisses." —Gwen Terry, on how she and Clark met during the Q & A. 

3. "He was always there, picking me out to have more experience with great musicians. That's the Clark Terry I'll know all eternity."—Herbie Hancock, on Clark Terry's influence in his life. Hancock played "Manhattan" with Dianne Reeves at the tribute concert. 

2. "Clark was a stickler for melody and words. He'd say, 'No, that's not right!' He just wanted you to know. I love him to death." —Dianne Reeves.  Like Justin Kaulflin, Quincy Jones, and countless others, Reeves was Terry's prodigée. She performed several songs with Kaulflin and other special guests. 

1. "If you're going to make a band, Clark told me you have to have the best people around you, and the right people. I tried to keep that with me during the film." —Director Alan Hicks on how Clark Terry's advice applies to all aspects of life. 

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