Ocean Stories: Wyland

Directed by: Patrick Creadon and Greg Goggin

Close your eyes. The air is heavy with the scent of saltwater. Sand tickles your feet, and a wave almost knocks you over. It’s warm and sunny and— ugh, you’re still on your couch at home. WATCH NOW


Royal American

Directed by: Michael Scalisi

A cross-country backpacking trip may be impossible right now, but your words can still travel the globe. Thanks to the postal service’s extraordinary dedication, letters withstand the test of time and weather to make it to their destination. WATCH NOW



Directed by: Jørn Nyseth Ranum

Unclench your teeth. Relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath. Stretch your legs. Now you’re in the right mindset to watch a group of skateboarders grace the Norwegian coast, where their ollies stand out against a breathtaking landscape and dreamy sunset. WATCH NOW


The Kiosk

Directed by: Anete Melece

Olga feels physically and mentally stuck, but she’s not afraid to dream big. By day, she serves her customers with compassion; by night, she dozes off fantasizing about the life she could have in a new place. Will she ever get there? WATCH NOW


Big City

Directed by: Jordan Bond and Lachlan Ryan

Moving to a new place is tough enough, but when you can’t find any friends, one connection makes all the difference. When a lonely taxi driver in Melbourne finally meets someone he thinks he can count on, things start looking up — for now. WATCH NOW


A Subway Story

Directed by: Eugene Kolb

The New York commute is the same for pretty much everybody: headphones in, get on the subway, ignore everyone around you and zone out until you get to your stop. But what could happen when you take a moment to notice who’s sitting across from you? WATCH NOW