The wait is over! Our TFF 2014 app is now available to download for free on iOS and Android phones. Powered by Eventbase and sponsored by AT&T, the app provides access to the complete lineup of this year’s great Festival films and events and even allows you to purchase your tickets straight from your phone.

In the time leading up to Festival and during the two-week-long film and cultural event, your app will keep you informed of added screenings and other breaking information concerning the films and events. This year’s Schedule section also includes a scrollable calendar that you can easily filter by time and date to find a movie that fits within your schedule.

In addition to helping you plan your personal screening agenda, our app makes it easy to share your film-going schedule with your friends and family. On each film page, you’ll find a Notes section where you can type in your thoughts about particular films and email them to whomever you want.  If you already know what movies you want to see, make sure to place them in your Favorites section so that they are quickly accessible. Having the features like these at at your fingertips is invaluable when planning your Festival.

You can also take advantage of our Discover section which randomizes our stellar Festival line-up, making it possible for you to explore different films that you may have not found on your own. If you’re still uncertain of your next event, you can consult our Information section that delves more deeply into Tribeca Innovation Week events, our Online Festival, and more. For your ultimate convenience, you will be able to utilize our app to purchase TFF 2014 tickets to available show times and events, even up to 30 minutes before the start time, thanks to our friends at Eventbrite.

New York City can be a daunting challenge to navigate on your own, but finding Festival venues within limited timeframes is even more difficult. Our special Map section marks important TFF 2014 locations like screening venues and press and filmmaker lounges so you’ll always know where you’re going.

In addition, we've incorparated the Gimbal™ platform from Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc., to enhance the entire experience for attendees. The app now uses the Gimbal context aware and proximity platform to serve up ticket offers, festival promotions, movie trailers, and surveys that allow you to share your Festival experience at the push of a button.

In sum, our free Festival app provides you with our complete film guide, updates, maps, and answers to FAQs, tickets and your personalized movie schedule. So what’s one more app on your phone? Go ahead and download it now!