The Good Wife's creators, Robert and Michelle King, and several members of its peerless cast, including stalwart leading lady Julianna Margulies as well as Matt Czuchry and Cush Jumbo, stopped by the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival this past Sunday to air that night’s episode (the first of the final four) and participate in a multifaceted discussion with Entertainment Weekly's Henry Goldblatt to mark the show’s final season.

As the CBS drama's fans near the end, the cast and creators were more than happy to talk about everything from favorite guest stars and recurring cast members (including Jerry Adler, Stockard Channing, and Martha Plimpton) to which characters they wish they could play (Margulies thinks she can do a mean, and appropriately arch-browed, Eli Gold) to the random origins of the show’s fictional Google stand-in, ChumHum (they think it's as ridiculous as we all do).

They also teased the "heartbreaking" series finale that fans everywhere are currently dreading and which even they are still trying to process despite having already filmed it. When asked to describe the finale in three words, Robert King joked, "The end, unfortunately." Jumbo quickly reassured the audience at BMCC's John Zuccotti Theater that the fans will surely be satisfied: "[The Kings] are not going to let you down." Michelle King then waded through the many fan theories—a Josh Charles return, another affair for Chris Noth's Peter, a Michelle Obama guest appearance (!)—to announce that at least one of those is true.

Margulies, for her part, revealed that the final script, which she read back-to-back four times in a row, was delivered with an Alicia Florrick-appropriate bottle of wine. When asked what she wanted from her long-beleaguered Alicia and the "slippery slope" of playing such a tumultuous character, Margulies responded, "I just want her to stay true to herself and not worry about who she was at the beginning of the series." She then bittersweetly concluded, "I'll love her forever."

As will we.