The Tribeca Online Festival allows you to watch select Festival titles and log your vote on the film up to five stars. The best average vote-getters will earn a cash prize and the award of Best Online Feature and Best Online Short.

Here's how to vote:

1. Login or create a free account.

2. Visit the screening pages for any of the features and shorts available to watch on this year's Tribeca Online Festival. This year's films include the features Ice Poison (95 min), Ne Me Quitte Pas (107 min), True Son (72 min), and Vara: A Blessing (96 min) and shorts Love in the Time of March Madness (9 min), Parachute (9 min), Peepers (7 min), and Scratch (14 min).

3. Watch at least half of the film. No shortcuts: just jumping to the middle of the film won't cut it.

4. Sometime after the halfway point, the box labeled "VOTE!" below the screening window will change from text to stars. NOTE: you may have to scroll down or exit out of full screen mode  to view the "VOTE!" box. The film will not pause.

5. Click on the number of stars you wish to award the film and your vote is counted.

If you left the screening page without registering your vote, you can return at any time an enter your preferred number of stars. Take your time: you may only vote once.

It's just that easy to make your voice heard at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Enjoy these extraordinary films now, and experience the Festival from the comfort of your home.