Avery Trufelman + Articles of Interest: American Ivy

Avery Trufelman + Articles of Interest: American Ivy

Season 1 | Episode 10

In our all-new episode of Tribeca Audio Premieres, Avery Trufelman joins Tribeca Audio’s Davy Gardner to discuss American Ivy, the third season of her podcast Article of Interest.

Listen along as she discusses the origin of preppy clothes (hint: it goes back pretty far), its evolutions and comebacks, and the personal and sometimes cultural expression that underlies the clothes you wear.

Articles of Interest: American Ivy is brought to you by PRX’s Radiotopia. In the seven-episode series, Avery—whose work spans several popular podcasts including 99% Invisible, Nice Try! and The Cut—goes beyond a single article of interest and instead delves into a single fashion trend: Ivy. The fashion trend, which includes chinos, polos, sweater vests, and loafers, began on the campus of Princeton University and has since been repurposed countless times by new groups.

Listen to this lively and enlightening episode of Tribeca Audio Premieres below and subscribe to Articles of Interest: American Ivy here.


Davy Gardner


Davy Gardner hosts Tribeca Audio Premieres. He’s the Head of Tribeca Audio and the Curator of Audio Storytelling at the Tribeca Festival. @DavyGardner

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