Blurring the boundaries between reality, fantasy, and the future of cinema, Westfield’s new landmark destination in Lower Manhattan to give visitors the opportunity to watch—at no charge—mind-blowing VR programming created by directors of Antz and Madagascar, The Bourne Identity, and from Cirque du Soleil

NEW YORK, NY– November 3, 2016 –Beginning Friday, November 4th 2016, visitors to Westfield World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan < 185 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007 > will be able to do battle with invading space aliens, defy gravity, discover a supernatural gift bestowed upon modern day New York City, and otherwise explore wildly imaginative dreamscapes that blur boundaries between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy—and ultimately—between the physical and digital worlds.

In partnership with the premier curators of VR, Tribeca Enterprises, the Tribeca Virtual Reality Arcade at Westfield World Trade Center will, over three weekends in November, present four VR selections that represent the very best of cutting-edge narrative storytelling from the medium’s most innovative content creators. The experiences will be screened on viewing devices that allow visitors to experience film as a 360° total immersive experience instead of on the traditional two-dimensional movie screen.

Presented at no charge, the Tribeca Virtual Reality Arcade will include eight viewing stations open between:

The featured VR selections to be showcased at Westfield World Trade Center include:

“Invasion!”, created by Baobab Studios: From Eric Darnell (Antz, Madagascar) this interactive animated VR experience narrated by Ethan Hawke follows menacing aliens with vastly superior technology who come to claim the Earth and destroy anyone in their way. Despite incredible odds, Earth's citizens rise up and defeat the evil aliens. Surprisingly, these Earthly citizens are not humans but a pair of the cutest, meekest and cuddliest creatures of our planet—two fluffy white bunnies.

“Invisible” Episode 1, created by Doug Liman, 30 Ninjas, Jaunt VR, Samsung VR, and Condé Nast Entertainment: Visionary director Doug Liman’s (The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) Invisible is a virtual reality supernatural drama about an old New York family, the Ashlands, whose tentacles reach into the largest corporations and governments in the world. Although they control a large portion of the world’s economy, they exist in relative ambiguity. With a unique genetic ability, they move unseen and unknown…until now.

“KIDS”, created by Hal Kirkland and Moving Picture Company along with Here Be Dragons: KIDS is a fully immersive virtual reality experience and the newest single off of multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated OneRepublic’s new album Oh My My. It follows two teenagers, a boy and girl, who live across the street from one another in the city and witness to each other’s lives through their windows. It was captured in a single take with the Nokia OZO.

“KÀ The Battle Within”, created by François Blouin, Félix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphaël: Cirque du Soleil's first-ever linear narrative production, KÀ The Battle Within, is a gravity-defying VR saga of heroism and martial arts. Two rival clans from an ancient and mythical world confront one another in a furious clash of vertiginous acrobatics and breathtaking combat. The very fabric of reality is transcended, as the physical world is broken into horizontal and vertical choreographies. KÀ The Battle Within pushes the narrative and experiential boundaries of the universe of KÀ, the colossal theatrical production by Cirque du Soleil, to epic new heights.

"Westfield World Trade Center is quickly becoming Lower Manhattan’s new epicenter of influencer fashion, world-class cuisine, cutting-edge technology, as well as exhilarating events and entertainment,” said Westfield’s Chief Operating Officer, William Hecht. “Showcasing the best in virtual reality programming is yet one more way we are incorporating unexpected sensory experiences into every step of the modern shopping journey."

“Tribeca is known for our world-class curation of Virtual Reality films and experiential storytelling. We are looking forward to bringing our Virtual Arcade to Westfield’s iconic destination to showcase our work outside of our April Festival and highlight these exceptional creators’ cutting-edge cinematic experiences,” said Andrew Essex, CEO Tribeca Enterprises.

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About Tribeca Enterprises
Tribeca Enterprises is a multi-platform storytelling company based in New York City. Established in 2003 by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff, Tribeca provides artists with unique platforms to expand the audience for their work and broadens consumer access to experience storytelling, independent film and media. The company operates a network of branded entertainment businesses including the Tribeca Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival International, and Tribeca Studios. In 2014, The Madison Square Garden Company acquired a 50% stake in Tribeca Enterprises, bringing together two of New York's most important cultural and entertainment icons to enhance the reach and impact of both brands.

For more information: www.tribecafilm.com

About Westfield World Trade Center
The new port of entry to Lower Manhattan, Westfield World Trade Center is located at the site where 60,000 neighborhood residents, 300,000 daily commuters, 13 subway / PATH trains, multiple ferry lines, and an additional 15 million annual global travelers converge within one landmark setting. This new New York City experience brings together commerce, community and culture in a destination integrating the Santiago Calatrava designed Oculus, street-level space in WTC Towers 3 and 4, as well as the galleries that run underground across the World Trade Center campus (including to 1 WTC, now the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere). Encompassing more than 100 fashion, lifestyle and technology brands across 365,000 square feet of space, Westfield World Trade Center is home to one of the most diverse retail collections in New York City, world-class restaurants, art, culture, events and entertainment, as well as showrooms, sponsorships, and engaging media activations for premier partners such as Ford, Pepsi and JP Morgan Chase.

For more information: https://www.westfield.com/westfieldworldtradecenter/


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