Red Flag
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Tribeca Film
Tammie Rosen 212-941-2003
Jennifer Holiner 212-941-2038

Sara Serlen, Sheri Goldberg

Production Information

Release Date
2013-02-19 00:00:00 -0500
Alex Karpovsky
Alex Karpovsky
Alex Karpovsky, Onur Tukel, Jennifer Prediger, Caroline White, Keith Paulson, Dustin Guy Defa
83 minutes


A laugh-out-loud road trip comedy, starring writer/director Alex Karpovsky (“Girls”) as Alex Karpovsky, a newly-single indie filmmaker who hits the road with an old friend (Onur Tukel) to promote one of his films. As the pair travels from one half-empty theater to the next, pursued by an adoring fan (Jennifer Prediger) who drives them into an exceptionally uncomfortable love triangle, Alex-as-Alex is forced to suffer an endless series of humiliations, each one more absurd than the last.

Film Stills

Alex Karpovsky in RED FLAG, distributed by Tribeca Film. Photo courtesy of Tribeca Film.

RED FLAG - Henry, Rachel, and River in the aftermath of a fight. Image by Adam Ginsberg

RED FLAG - Alex Karpovsky explores his soul. Image by Adam Ginsberg

RED FLAG - Alex Karpovsky and Rachel in the backseat. Image by Adam Ginsberg

Director head shot - Alex Karpovsky. Photo credit by Adam Ginsberg