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Tribeca Film
Tammie Rosen, 212-941-2003
Brandon Rohwer 212-941-2038

Allie Willensky, 323-822-4826

Production Information

Release Date
2013-10-22 00:00:00 -0400
James Franco
Stacey Miller
Caroline Aragon, Vince Jolivette, Miles Levy
James Franco, Val Lauren, Vince Jolivette, Jim Parrack, Trevor Neuhoff, Stacey Miller, Raymond T. Williams
85 Minutes


James Franco's Sal chronicles the final day in the life of actor Sal Mineo (Val Lauren), 1950s teen idol and an Academy Award® nominee for his roles in Rebel Without a Cause and Exodus. Almost two decades later, Mineo is no longer the marquee sensation he had once been — but after years of public struggles with drugs and alcohol, he has become open about his homosexuality and is finding his way to becoming the actor and director he has always wanted to be. Featuring a magnetic performance by Lauren, Franco's intimate portrait finds the human details in a larger-than-life Hollywood story.

Film Stills

Val Lauren in Sal distributed by Tribeca Film.

Val Lauren (actor), James Franco (director) and Christina Voros (Director of Photography) behind the scenes SAL distributed by Tribeca Film.

James Franco and Val Lauren behind the scenes from SAL distributed by Tribeca Film.

Val Lauren in Sal distributed by Tribeca Film.