The Tribeca and Canva Creative Program - a new partnership between Canva and Tribeca - empowers emerging creators across entertainment to showcase and create buzz around their projects via Canva's all-in-one visual communication platform, in-depth training workshops and kickstart awards.

Combining Canva’s communication platform and Tribeca’s expertise in professional and artistic development, the program will consist of both in-person and virtual workshop sessions in the key design areas that entertainment creators need. Canva empowers over 130 million people globally - from all backgrounds and industries - to bring their ideas to life visually. Creating dedicated support for the people driving creativity within entertainment is a natural extension of Canva’s mission to empower anyone to design anything, anywhere.

The Tribeca and Canva Creative Program culminates with an opportunity to enter to win one of five US $20,000 kickstart awards that, along with support from Tribeca Studios, will help them further their development.

The program will launch in June alongside the 2023 Tribeca Festival with an in-person design workshop, followed by two virtual sessions in Summer 2023, hosted by Canva’s own Design Education Specialists.

We are calling on all emerging independent creators - writers, directors, producers - working across traditional film, TV and immersive storytelling to join us in this inaugural year.

Please see The Tribeca and Canva Creative Program Contest Rules & Regulations here.

All workshop attendees will be granted a free 6-month Canva Pro subscription. Creators that attend at least two sessions will be eligible to apply for a kickstart award in September 2023. To apply you must be based in the U.S. and have completed at least one project of any length within your desired discipline (writer, director, producer, etc.). All participants must agree to Canva’s Terms of Use located here.

Session #1 (June 12th, 4pm at Tribeca Festival, max 90 creators - Register Here) - Creating a Dynamic Pitch Deck with Canva
This initial session, led by experts in both design and entertainment, will focus on how to use Canva to create a visually and narratively alluring pitch deck or lookbook. Learn how to translate your vision into a presentation that will garner attention and attachment.

Session #2 (July 10th, remotely, max 180 creators) - Designing film marketing assets with Canva
The second session focuses on how to garner attention for your project via creating a suite of marketing assets in Canva; building a website, marketing materials and social media assets for your independent project. Learn how to ensure the authentic representation of your property is reflected in all the creative assets you design.

Session #3 (August 16th, remotely, max 180 creators) - Design feedback direct from Canva and Entertainment experts
Creators will sign-up for a spot to receive hands-on direct feedback from both Canva and entertainment experts on the decks and marketing materials they’re developing. A Q&A session will guide creators as they iterate on next steps for their work.

Click this link to register your interest in attending the in-person event by June 10th. Our in-person workshop is limited to a maximum of 90 people. Attendees will be registered based on both film experience and order of registering. This page will be updated if we reach capacity prior to that date. Virtual workshop registration will remain open. Please review all rules & regulations before completing the form.

*If workshop attendees already have an existing subscription to Canva Pro (whether yearly or monthly) the complementary subscription can only be applied at the expiry of their existing subscription period.