There Is No Direction

World Premiere

France | 35 MINUTES | French, English |


Actress-turned-documentarian Sarah Bertrand has traveled the world asking film directors why and how. This documentary showcases answers from the likes of Youssef Chahine, Francis Ford Coppola, Larry Clark, Abel Ferrara, Emir Kusturica, and Jonas Mekas.


Directed by Sarah Bertrand

Sarah Bertrand has acted in films such as Un An by Laurent Boulanger and De samedi à dimanche by Emmanuel Finkiel. She has acted for television in Intérieur Nuit by Nicolas Cohen and Edouard est Marrant by Henri Liebman, as well as in the theatrical production Paroles d'acteur by Daniel Mesguich. She has also edited a literary collection on cinema, the first three volumes of which were published by Le Seuil in September 2004 under the title Des Nouvelles du Cinema. There Is No Direction is her first film.