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World Premiere

USA | 100 MINUTES | English |


Satellite is a romantic fable with all the eccentric charm of Amélie, but with a harder New York edge. It even has its own presiding Audrey Tautou-like gamine in Stephanie Szostak, a winsome French model-actress who plays young Ro, who falls in love with Kevin (Karl Geary), the man she notices and follows on a midtown Manhattan street. She tracks him down into the subway and out to a Brooklyn bar, where she lets him think he's picked her up. Geary (Coney Island Baby) and Szostak (Snowblink), the movie's two appealing lead actors, are utterly believable as a couple and so intoxicated with each other that they disregard their workaday lives, sell their possessions and then begin to dare to each other to do all the things they avoid or fear the most. The movie, a hipster idyll, even contains its own useful definition of cool: "Being cool is lacking self-consciousness and embracing whoever you are." Like all good fables, Satellite contains obstacles to overcome and mysteries to unravel, and it does a superlative job at maintaining rooting interest even when Ro and Kevin go off on some dodgy capers. The movie was written, directed and edited by Jeff Winner, a graduate of NYU's filmmaking program, and produced by Tribeca's own Gigantic Pictures. Music is by Calla, a New York-based band.