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Lotus Eaters


World Premiere

U.K., Ireland | 78 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Female Director(s)

The bright young things of London's social elite lead an excessive, lavish lifestyle that allows them to luxuriate in their own self-destruction. At the center is Alice, an ex-model unable to keep up with the opulent standards her peers feverishly chase. Alice may be in love with her on-and-off boyfriend Charlie, but the multiple pleasures of wealth and youth distract them from commitment. Meanwhile, Felix is besotted with Alice, even as he indecisively takes up with his naïve, needy girlfriend. Between wild summer nights in Glastonbury and the South of France, a lovelorn Orna gets her rocks off weaving overlapping love triangles that wreak havoc on impressionable hearts.

Alexandra McGuinness' elegant black-and-white directorial debut finds the pulse of something real in a hot mess of horses, pet monkeys, spiritual gurus, and vodka baths. Clad in chic, sparkly outfits and perplexing headpieces, a luminescent ensemble led by Antonia Campbell-Hughes with Benn Northover, Amber Anderson, Cynthia Fortune Ryan, Liam Browne, Gina Bramhill, Jay Choi, Alex Wyndham, Daisy Lewis, and Katrena Rochell flounce about to an evocative indie soundtrack featuring the anachronistic folk stylings of lead actor Johnny Flynn alongside performances from emerging bands.


Directed by Alexandra McGuinness and Alexandra McGuinness

ALEXANDRA MCGUINNESS was born in Dublin and attended various schools in and around the city. She has previously worked as a stylist, actress, and writer. She graduated from the London Film School in 2009. Lotus Eaters is her first feature film.
Alexandra McGuinness, Brendan Grant
Alexandra McGuinness
Bert Hunger, Emer Reynolds
Director of Photography
Gareth Munden
Production Designer
Richard Hudson
Primary Cast
Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Benn Northover, Cynthia Fortune Ryan, Daisy Lewis, Johnny Flynn, Liam Browne, Amber Anderson, Katrena Rochell
Mark Lee
Morgan Bushe, Kyle Blanshard


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Technical Contact
Cheryl Goodbody
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