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Filmpiece for Bartlett

Shorts in Competition: Documentary

New York Premiere

USA | 5 MINUTES | None |


This short, abstract video is a tribute to the late experimental filmmaker Scott Bartlett. A fountain in the MoMA courtyard becomes a reflection upon Bartlett's quote: "There is a pattern in my film work that could be the pattern of a hundred-thousand movies. It simply is: Repeat and purify; repeat and synthesize; abstract, abstract, abstract." This video was created with live footage, hand-painted filmstrips, and paper.


Directed by Scott Nyerges and Scott Nyerges

SCOTT NYERGES is Brooklyn-based filmmaker and photographer. His work has been screened at festivals, museums, and other venues in North America, Europe, and East Asia. He has won awards at the Black Maria Film Festival and Cinematexas. This is his fourth film to screen at Tribeca.
Scott Nyerges