Red Doors

World Premiere

USA | 90 MINUTES | English, Mandarin |


Meet the Wongs, a family as much Chinese as they are American: Dad Ed recently retired and escapes to a Buddhist monastery rather than face the reality of his mundane existence. Eldest daughter Samantha, a successful businesswoman cohabiting with her prominent fiancé and living a "perfect" life, is grappling with the pressure of staying on the straight and narrow path. Middle daughter Julie, a passive, reserved fourth-year medical student, goes on endless blind dates with nice Chinese men…until she meets movie star Mia Scarlett, who helps her come out of her shell. Youngest daughter Katie, a high school student, plays prank war games with her longtime neighbor and nemesis, Simon, leading to unexpected results. And mom May-Li remains the household matriarch by being headstrong enough to hold the group together. With the help of old home videos, each member of the family learns more about what each of them can change within themselves, as well as what they are incapable of changing: their connection to each other as a family. Framing with a natural tone and flow, Lee has crafted a touching and often funny dysfunctional, suburban family portrait.