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Shorts in Competition: Student

World Premiere

USA | 11 MINUTES | English |


Female Director(s)
When Micah and Jameson, two teenage friends, decide to ditch school, they encounter a dark utopia that provides the perfect setting for them to discover the powers they hold as a male and a female. As things begin to get out of hand, a horrible discovery forces them to test what is more powerful: male brute force or a woman's sexuality?

Note: This film will screen as part of the Shorts: Truth or Consequences program.


Directed by Lisa M. Perry

Lisa M. Perry cofounded Sloane Road Productions with Jessie Hutcheson in 2004. Their first short film, On the Cliffs, won for best short comedy at the Ohio Independent Film Festival and has screened around the world. Other directing credits include The Test, Yellowbelly, and Penguins Can't Fly. Perry is currently an MFA candidate for film at Columbia University.
Primary Cast
Eilis Cahill, Alex Zelenty, Rena Strober
Joachim Horsley
Lisa M. Perry
Aaron Walker
Director of Photography
Hillary Spera
Joachim Horsley
Aaron Walker


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Print Source
Lisa M. Perry
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