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Unit 7

World Narrative Competition

International Premiere

Spain | 92 MINUTES | Spanish |


Crime, Action
The four cops of Unit 7 have a tough mission: to eradicate the most dangerous trafficking network of the city of Seville before the opening of the 1992 Seville World Exhibition, and bring an end to the corrosive power that has taken hold of the streets. Among them are Angel (Mario Casas), the leader of the unit, a young officer aspiring to become detective, and Rafael (Antonio de la Torre), a violent yet efficient cop. Over the course of their years-long mission, the two officers will take opposite directions: Angel's ambition will lead him to seek results by any means necessary, while Rafael's character will change when he meets a charismatic woman.

Unit 7 is a naturalistic and stylish crime thriller thoroughly committed to all its characters, both male and female. In his fifth feature film, director Alberto Rodriguez (7 Virgins) provides a mix of violence and pure emotion, balancing the most spectacular chases with an intimate portrayal of human nature. Unit 7 deals with truth, lies, and corruption, along with confronting one's personal conscience, all supported by a fantastic cast.


Directed by Alberto Rodriguez and Alberto Rodriguez

Alberto Rodriguez made his feature debut in 2000 as co-director of the comedy The Pilgrim Factor. His first solo film was The Suit in 2002, and his 2005 film 7 Virgins earned him greater critical and commercial acclaim, as well as six Goya Award nominations. His 2009 film After was nominated for three Goyas.
Production Designer
Manuela Ocon
Rafael Cobos, Alberto Rodriguez
Marketing Director
Cristina Sutherland
Jose Antonio Felez
Primary Cast
Antonio de la Torre, Mario Casas, Joaquin Nunez, Jose Manuel Poga, Imma Cuesta, Julian Villagran
Executive Producer
Jose Antonio Felez
Jose M. G. Moyano
Julio de la Rosa
Eleonora Segui
Director of Photography
Alex Catalan
Associate Producer
Gervasio Iglesias
Alberto Rodriguez
Postproduction Supervisor
Ivan Benjumea


Press Contact
Eleonora Segui-Polnoroff
Phone: 0034913676776
Print Source
Cristina Sutherland
Atipica Films
O'Donnell 10 Madrid, 28009
Phone: 0034913676776
Sales Agent
Vicente Canales
Head of International Division
Film Factory Entertainment
Lincoln 11, 3º 3ª Barcelona, 08006
Phone: 0034933684608
Technical Contact
Ivan Benjumea
Phone: 0034913676776
Print Origin
Cristina Sutherland
Atipica Films
O'Donnell 10 Madrid, 28009
Phone: 0034913676776
Jose Antonio Felez
Phone: 0034913676776
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Pablo Hernandez-Fauro
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