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Journey to Planet X


World Premiere

USA | 78 MINUTES | English |


Documentary, Science Fiction
By day, Eric Swain and Troy Bernier are just a couple of mild-mannered, nerdy Florida scientists, but after hours their real passion comes alive in the form of the fantastical and sometimes inadvertently hilarious science fiction films the two lovingly craft with only the help of an enthusiastic amateur cast, a basement green-screen, and some inspired lo-fi effects. While Eric views their efforts as a fun hobby, Troy believes the films could lead to the big time, and so with very different agendas the two undertake their most ambitious project yet, an epic short known simply as Planet X.

Myles Kane and Josh Koury's affectionate and funny documentary follows this dynamic duo as they pull out all the stops to realize their unique vision on the big screen. And whether the end result is unintentionally funny or a testament to the boundless potential of DIY achievement, Eric and Troy embody the true filmmakers' spirit, and Journey to Planet X stands as a paean to the democratization of creativity and a celebration of artistic expression in all its forms.


This film is appropriate for teenagers and up.


Directed by Myles Kane, Josh Koury, and Myles Kane

Myles Kane is the multimedia editor at The New Yorker Magazine. He graduated from Pratt in 2001 and co-founded the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival in 2002. He edited the documentaries Made In India and We Are Wizards. Josh Koury is a faculty member at Pratt. He co-founded Brooklyn Underground and served as programming director for four years. His feature docs include Standing by Yourself and We Are Wizards.
Jonah Rapino
Primary Cast
Troy Bernier, Eric Swain


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