Rubber Soles

Unknown Premiere

USA | 10 MINUTES | English |


Unlike the other kids in his corner of Harlem, 11-year-old Francis is a complete mess on the basketball court. He much prefers the solace of his own room, where he can slap on a James Brown record and turn himself into a pint-sized version of the Godfather of Soul. But when Francis falls for a 13-year-old neighborhood basketball star named Regina, he realizes that a new pair of high-tops is more likely to win her heart than his collection of vintage vinyl.


Directed by Ishai Setton and Christine Turner

Christine Turner is a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Her short films have screened on television and at film festivals around the world. She currently does freelance work for the independent nonprofit production company Firelight Media in New York City.