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New York Premiere

USA, U.K. | 108 MINUTES | English |



Who is more macho, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez or Lexi Alexander? In Hooligans, female director Alexander brings to the screen the rough and tumble world of British football "hooliganism"-fistfights, nasty pranks, and bloodletting between warring football fan gangs. After being wrongfully expelled from Harvard, Matt (Elijah Wood) takes off for London to stay with his married sister, Shannon (Claire Forlani). He quickly falls in with Shannon's brother-in-law, Pete (Charlie Hunnam), who is firmly entrenched in this warring world. Pete and his friends make up the Green Street Elite-one of London's toughest football "firms." Matt is quickly thrown fists first into the world of these charismatic hooligans who test his loyalty, friendship, and honor. But he is not welcomed with open arms by all of the firm's members, many of them resent the Yank stepping on their turf, and don't trust him or his private past. When one of his enemies discovers hidden information about Matt, it sets off a violent and tragic series of events. Wood makes an amazingly well crafted transition from lost college kid to loyal brother-in-arms.