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Purple Violets

World Premiere

USA | 100 MINUTES | English |



Edward Burns returns to the Tribeca Film Festival with New York as his canvas once again in his new film Purple Violets. Thirty-three-year-old Patti Petalson (Selma Blair) is stuck in a rut; she and her husband only seem to be occupying the same space, halfheartedly at that, while she has traded fiction-writing for a career in real estate that leaves her feeling empty. Her former college boyfriend Brian Callahan (Patrick Wilson), a successful crime fiction writer living with his girlfriend, has finally written his opus-the story of his life-and the critics have panned it. On the sidelines are Patti's best friend Kate Scott (Debra Messing) and Brian's best friend Michael "Murph" Murphy (Burns), who also happens to be Kate's boyfriend from their college days. Out one night for dinner, Patti and Kate run into Brian and Michael. They haven't seen each other for a decade, since their relationships ended in the misunderstandings and the insecurities of youth. Now older and wiser, the attractions of youth are rekindled, but as the friendships start up again, shakily at first, there are many hurdles to overcome. Burns, who has become a master of depicting the small moments that define an age, brings to Purple Violets the realism of the world he witnesses-polite but bare, and endlessly truthful.