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The Big Con

Tribeca Games

World Premiere

Canada | 20 MINUTES | English | English subtitles


Action, Women, Comedy

In classic 90's con movie style, the player gets to persuade and pilfer their way to greatness. Sneak around, wear disguises, pickpocket, solve puzzles, and maybe profit from the latest collectible plushie craze, and make a friend or two along the way.


Skybound Games
Game Creator
Dave Proctor
Art Director
Saffron Aurora
Key Collaborator
Saffron Aurora
Project Creator
Dave Proctor
Producer & Narrative Designer
Yash Kulkarni
Technical Director
George Degenkamp
Dave Proctor
Dan Rodrigues
Sound Design
h heron
Add'l Credits
Tabby Rose, George Degenkamp, Yash Kulkarni, Andrew Carvalho, Dan Rodrigues, Corina Diaz
UX/UI Designer
Tabby Rose
Marketing Director
Corina Diaz
Add'l Credit 2
Jill Murray, Robby Duguay, Alexander McWilliams, Simon Paquette, h heron
Story & Additional Writing
Jill Murray
Add'l Credit 3
Lyndsey Gallant, Nicola Odic, Elizabeth Ip, Tony Colculuzzi, Ali Kokulu, Danny Tran
Audio Director
Robby Duguay
Game Studio
Mighty Yell


Press Contact
Corina Diaz
Mighty Yell
Baysville, P0B 1A0
Phone: 4168099673