World Premiere

USA | 95 MINUTES | English |


Conventioneers is a blue-state-red-state love story from director Mora Stephens. Set against last summer's Republican Convention, the actors play out a fictional story against the backdrop of real events, real people, and real political passions. Dave (Matt Mabe), a buttoned-down and married Republican delegate from Texas, falls hard for Lea (Woodwyn Koons), an affianced New Yorker he was attracted to in college, who's now a liberal protester who loathes the war, the president, and all that Republicans stand for. And then there's Dylan (Alek Friedman), a one-time political activist who makes his living as a sign-language interpreter, and gets the chance of a lifetime: an offer to sign during George Bush's GOP acceptance speech. On the big day itself, all three are outside Madison Square Garden; Dave in his red tie, Lea with her protest sign, and Dylan with a tee shirt decorated with a big peace symbol hidden under his dress shirt. Will he expose it during the big speech? What will Dave and Lea do? Here's a movie about the sometimes amusing strangeness of political bedfellows and the ironies of adulthood.