World Premiere


| USA, Mexico | 22 MINUTES | Spanish, English
A pregnant Mexican woman is determined to have her baby on American soil. In order to take advantage of immigration policy, she waits until her cervix is dilated enough to cross the border in “active labor.” To complete her journey, Maria must face the intense physical strain of childbirth and the dangerous complications of illegal border crossing.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Laura Richard
Laura Richard was born in New Jersey the second daughter of a Filipina immigrant and an American engineer. At age 6 her family moved to San Diego, where she was raised. She majored in Visual Arts with an emphasis in film and video and minored in psychology at the UCSD. Also while there, she made several narrative and experimental films and video pieces. She went to NYU for her M.F.A. and received a Tisch Graduate Fellowship. While working on her thesis film Breached, Richard produced and edited several of her classmates’ films. She is currently writing her first feature.


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