King of Central Park

New York Premiere

USA | 27 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Comedy
After escaping a marriage arranged by his eccentric family, 23-year-old Isaac seeks refuge in the utopian greenery of Central Park. When Isaac's family sends his childhood therapist to retrieve him, the two lost souls search for self-discovery without realizing the significance each has in the other's life.


Directed by Max Winkler and David Gelb

Max Winkler and David Gelb met in playwriting class at the University of Southern California, where they quickly became friends. They originally cowrote King of Central Park as a play for their final project. Their teacher rejected the manuscript, complaining that the work was a screenplay and not a stage play.The two rewrote the project as a screenplay with the intention of shooting in Gelb's childhood neighborhood in Manhattan. King of Central Park is a film that reflects the filmmakers' fears of the responsibilities and expectations of growing up.