All That Way For Love
New York Premiere

All That Way For Love

Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| U.K. | 20 MINUTES | English
Idealism and cynicism clash on the road in Africa. Simon, a young Irishman, is traveling across the continent to get to his doctor girlfriend in Mozambique. Stuck in Malawi, he hitches a ride with a nomadic older couple. Without wishing it, Simon becomes embroiled in their complicated history. Their dark psychological relationship becomes infecting.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Henry Mason and Henry Mason
Henry Mason shot All That Way For Love in Kenya. He also shoots commercials at Skunk Films for Honda, Nike, T-Mobile, and others. He has directed TV for the BBC and Channel Four. He studied drama at Exeter University and directed Lone Star and Pvt Wars at the Kings Head, Islington.
Production Designer
Barbara Minishi
Thomas Martin
Director of Photography
Milan Chadima
Oliver Royds, Henry R. Swindell, Giles Skillicorn
Benjamin Wallfisch
Dan Sherwin
Henry Mason
Executive Producer
Oliver Royds
Primary Cast
Andrew Simpson, Belinda Stewart Wilson, Derek De Lint, Mirian Nthini, Mule Mumo, Solomon Nakula, Sarah Solemani

Sales Agent
Oliver Royds
Stroppy Boy
80-81 St. Martins Lane London, WC2N4AA
Phone: 0044 2073957533


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