Big Girl

U.S. Premiere

Canada | 14 MINUTES | English |


Much of our childhood is spent either taking tests or putting others through tests. Renuka Jeyapalan delicately explores this notion in her debut short Big Girls. Nine-year-old Josephine is unabashedly resentful of her mother's newfound love life. When her mother hesitantly introduces her new boyfriend to Josephine, she gives him the cold shoulder. A bittersweet battle of wills erupts that is at once heartbreaking and hilarious. Enemies transform into sweethearts in this poignant tale of modern family politics.


Directed by Renuka Jeyapalan

Renuka Jeyapalan attended the Canadian Film Centre's Directors' Lab and graduated from the University of Toronto with degrees in Biochemistry, English, and Cinema Studies. She has made several award-winning short films, including Sunday Afternoon, Baggage, and Sing for Your Supper.