Kaena: The Prophecy

North American Premiere

France | 91 MINUTES | English |


In a post-apocalyptic universe where worms talk, gods are monsters, and "below is above and above is below," nothing is as it seems. Caught in the middle of this intergalactic muddle is the crumbling tree world of Axis, whose desperate inhabitants are convinced that by prayer and sacrifice they will find reward. Each day, the villagers set out to collect an ever-diminishing supply of tree sap to present to their unseen gods, while Kaena (voice of Kirsten Dunst), the film's intrepid heroine, spends her time climbing from tree to tree, contemplating Axis' shadowy past and uncertain future. After she is ostracized for challenging her people's unquestioning faith, Kaena embarks on an action-packed interplanetary mission of exploration. In her search for truth and understanding, she makes many new friends and enemies, such as the ominous Queen of the Selenites (voice of Anjelica Huston) and the sage Opaz (voice of Richard Harris, in his final film credit). Kaena: The Prophecy is a wild and memorable adventure, complete with allegorical commentary on religion, politics, and the human spirit. An impressive directorial debut from former graffiti artist Chris Delaporte, Kaena finds its inspiration in a number of science fiction films, anime, and video game artwork. The first 3D CGI picture to emerge from France, Kaena: The Prophecy represents a milestone in the history of French cinema.