Keeping Up With the Steins

New York Premiere

USA | 85 MINUTES | English |



After his best friend's bar mitzvah complete with ice sculptures and a rap version of "Hava Nagila," Zachary discovers his father (Jeremy Piven) is planning to out-bar mitzvah his friend's father by throwing Zachary's rite of passage at Dodger Stadium. But all of this just spells stress for Benjamin, who secretly laments over his pending adulthood and Torah memorizations, all while nursing a preteen crush on the pretty blonde in his Hebrew school. So he hatches a plan to sabotage his own bar mitzvah by inviting his estranged, skinny-dipping hippie grandfather (Garry Marshall) to the event. What begins as chaotic staging for a hostile family reunion quickly turns into a touching family comedy that anyone can relate to. (Ages 12+)