Elvis & Madona


North American Premiere

Brazil | 105 MINUTES | Portuguese |



One of the most unique romantic comedies to emerge in years, Elvis & Madona is a colorful crowd-pleaser set in Rio de Janeiro's lively neighborhood of Copacabana. Elvis is a talented photographer and lesbian whose father is down on his luck financially. Since her photography isn't paying the bills, she gets a job delivering pizzas on her motorcycle. Madona is a ravishing blonde drag performer who works as a hairstylist by day and performs in Rio's drag clubs at night. The pair's paths cross when Elvis arrives at her first delivery only to find Madona robbed and beaten by her sometime lover John Tripod. From this first meeting, their lives will increasingly intertwine as love and desire begin to emerge.

Debut writer/director Marcelo Laffite brilliantly unfolds the relationship between his two protagonists in a natural and believable way, vitalizing his film and characters with a continuous playful energy that lets the viewer get carried away in the story. Actors Igor Cotrim and Simone Spoladore effortlessly share a natural chemistry even in their unusual scenario, bringing their characters' passion, rather than their labels, to life.


Directed by Marcelo Laffitte and Marcelo Laffitte

Marcelo Laffitte lives in Rio de Janeiro and has served as president of the Brazilian Association of Documentary Filmmakers. His short films include Vox Populi, Banquet, Short Opera, and Fury, which won the Grand Prize of the Brazilian Academy of Cinema. Elvis & Madona is his first feature film.
Marcelo Laffitte
Primary Cast
Simone Spoladore, Igor Cotrim, Sergio Bezerra, Maite Proenca, Jose Wilker, Wendell Bendelack
Art Director
Rafael Targat
Victor Biglione
Marcelo Laffitte
Luiz Guimaraes De Castro
Director of Photography
Uli Burtin
Marcelo Laffitte, Tuinho Schwartz


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