My Brothers

World Premiere

Ireland | 84 MINUTES | English |


From the producers of last year's award-winning The Eclipse, My Brothers is a beautiful and heartwarming road movie set during the Halloween weekend of 1987. The eldest of three boys, 17-year-old Noel has always been the reserved, serious, and responsible one. When he accidentally breaks his dying father's wristwatch that he won from an arcade in the town of Ballybunion, he "borrows" his boss' bread van with his two younger brothers—11-year-old Paudie and seven-year-old Scwally—in tow. Paudie is a bit cocky and not so bright but dreams of playing for the Liverpool soccer team. Scwally has never seen Star Wars but is obsessed with it. On the trip, brotherly differences—and similarities—turn the journey into more than what they expected.

Director Paul Fraser, who wrote the award-wining Somers Town (TFF '08) makes an assured directorial debut that skillfully maneuvers the nuances of William Collins' script and balances the offbeat humor with the emotional richness of the story. Fraser also perfectly assembles a stunning cast of newcomers—Timmy Creed (Noel), Paul Courtney (Paudie), and TJ Griffin (Scwally)—who have a natural rapport with each other and carry the film firmly on their young shoulders. My Brothers is a simple story full of the unexpected complexities that go along with being a family.


Directed by Paul Fraser and Paul Fraser

Paul Fraser has written screenplays for five feature films with director Shane Meadows. His first solo writing project was Heartlands, followed by TFF award winner Somers Town. His short films include the Golden Bear-nominated Scummy Man and Streetlife. My Brothers is his feature directing debut.
Paul Fraser
Rebecca O'Flanagan, Rob Walpole
Production Designer
Mark Geraghty
Primary Cast
Timmy Creed, Paul Courtney, TJ Griffin, Kate Ashfield, Don Wycherley, Kate Ashfield
William Collins
Emer Reynolds
Director of Photography
PJ Dillon


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