Outdoor & Interactive Experiences

World Premiere

United States | 60 MINUTES


Experimental, Documentary, Environmental, Art

Current is an immersive sound experience in Lower Manhattan. Beginning at specific times of day, participants are guided on a walk using their own mobile device and headphones. Using binaural sound design and on-location recordings, Current weaves an observed and imagined narrative of historic and anecdotal stories on themes of water, time, destruction, and construction. 

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Fri June 11 - 10:00 AM

Beginning June 12th – Experience this immersive sound performance that begins and ends in Zuccotti Park, Lower Manhattan on your personal mobile device. *Headphones Required

Performances begin in person every 30 Minutes from 5:30-8:30pm

CLICK HERE to view the experience map.


Key Collaborators
Andrew Schneider, Jackie! Zhou
Key Collaborator
Andrew Schneider, Jackie! Zhou
Project Creator
Annie Saunders
Platform Creators
OpenEndedGroup - Marc Downie, Paul Kaiser
Sound Design/Engineering
One Thousand Birds, Jackie! Zhou, Andrew Schneider
Octopus Theatricals - Mara Isaacs, Bryan Hunt
Commissioned by
Commissioned by: Arts Brookfield
Annie Saunders, Andrew Schneider


Press Contact
Laura Montross
Brookfield Properties
Phone: 212-417-2549
Press Contact
Bryan Hunt
Octopus Theatricals
Princeton, 08540
Phone: 3035707152