A Love Song
New York Premiere

A Love Song

Tribeca Critics' Week
Feature | United States | 81 MINUTES | English

In a rare lead role, Dale Dickey, one of contemporary cinema's finest character actors, takes center stage as Faye, a widow waiting for a night that could change her life. In Max Walker-Silverman's auspicious directorial debut, hope, longing, natural beauty and the near-graspable dream of self-sufficiency come together in an unconventional romance that compresses decades of memories into a fateful reunion. Wes Studi co-stars as the childhood sweetheart Faye anticipates will grace her Colorado campside trailer. There will be music, and ice cream, and an aching relief neither expects.

Dickey commands the screen in this gently comic yet deep-feeling minimalist portrait in ways we've seldom seen from her before. Walker-Silverman offers the audience exactly what he should: a sense of a life lived, as well as an insatiable hunger for new adventures that's all the more poignant for what came before. Against a gorgeous and eternal landscape, Faye feels the limited number of years that remain and the experiences she can squeeze into them. And yet it's that very reverence for the land and what it can provide that sustains her — and allows her to feel her grief, and so much more. Inkoo Kang

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Max Walker-Silverman

Max Walker-Silverman is a writer and director who lives and works where he grew up in rural Colorado. A Love Song, which premiered at Sundance, is his first feature. 

Max Walker-Silverman
Jesse Hope, Dan Janvey, Max Walker-Silverman
Max Walker-Silverman
Alfonso Herrera Salcedo
Max Walker-Silverman, Affonso Gonçalves
Ramzi Bashour
Executive Producer
Jan McAdoo, Jack McAdoo, Bill Way
Associate Producer
Ramzi Bashour
Sakurako Fisher, Robina Riccitiello, Josh Peters, Maggie Ambrose
Dale Dickey, Wes Studi, Michelle Wilson, Benja K. Thomas, Marty Grace Dennis, John Way

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Obscured Pictures
New York, New York 10010
Phone: 7036279472
Print Source
Phil Gubert
Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 810 623 3925
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