Teaching Texas: How Education Shapes our Future

An in-depth look at the power-players commanding the Texas Education System

Teaching Texas: How Education Shapes our Future


Tribeca Audio Premieres, the curatorial podcast series under Tribeca’s storytelling network, Tribeca Audio, brings listeners an all-new episode titled Grace Lynch + Teaching Texas,” featuring a podcast that takes a deep dive into the American education system.


Brought to you by the Wonder Media Network, Teaching Texas will be the second season of the award-winning podcast Winning Wisconsin.


Teaching Texas investigates the decision-making process behind the most stringent curriculum regulations in the country. This season, which premieres on September 27th, will focus on the individuals who have the power to influence the next generation, including a Christian couple, a textbook analyst, and a dentist, and on the continuing fight for control of our children’s education.


In this episode of Tribeca Audio Premieres, we hear from Grace Lynch, audio journalist, senior producer of Wonder Media Network, and host of Teaching Texas. Throughout the episode, she speaks with Tribeca Audio Premieres host Davy Gardner about how the concern about what children were learning in school morphed into dictating their beliefs onto the entire state. According to Lynch, this control has exacerbated the suppression of autonomy and the polarization of education.


After this exclusive interview, the Tribeca Audio Premieres audience will be the first to hear the season premiere of Teaching Texas. Listen to the full episode of Grace Lynch + Teaching Texas here and subscribe to Teaching Texas!



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